That was then….

I’ve been wondering for a very long time whether to continue with this blog….especially considering I no longer live in France. And if it’s now going to be about Dublin well, French Onion isn’t exactly the best title. However as I find myself living a surprisingly similar life here to the one I lived in Collioure, there are connections. And I am interested in exploring how the experience of living in another country is never lost and influences the way you live back in your own home in both subtle and obvious ways. Is that influence always a good one? We’ll see…



7 responses to “That was then….

  1. Hey!
    Welcome back French Onion! We missed you! Sounds like a really good idea to place French Onion in Dublin!

    We’ll be following you through all your exploits! 😊🍸


  2. Much enjoyed your posts from Collioure, was fortunate to spend several days there, but how fabulous to live there. I couldn’t agree more that spending time in another country does influence how you live when you return home. Or maybe you’re just looking at home differently.

  3. Welcome back.

  4. I followed you then. I’ll follow you now. Always worth reading, reflecting on, digesting.

  5. Anne Looney

    Will vest man appear in the Doclands? we are agog!

  6. Anne Looney

    Or even the missing K in Docklands…

  7. Christine, we had lunch at La Cagarole in Aigne on Friday and had fond memories of you. Funny to hear from you now as we journey back through France. In Clermont tonight to visit Puy de Dome demain.
    Please email me your postal address (really wanted to send a postcard) and better still come visit Oxford. Lots of love Fran

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