The rentrée has started and I wish someone would tell that to the outrageous number of bodies still crammed together on the beaches. In theory, the ‘rentrée’ is a cover-all for the various sectors of society who are making a return to some occupation or other during this week of August.

So…the schools prepare for the return of pupils, pupils start shopping for books, politicians return to work (following a mere 3 week break), holiday-makers return to their desks/posts and fully-operational France clicks back into gear.

And, yes, there has been some sort of exodus from the coast but nothing like I was expecting. There’s still a sort of roll-on roll-off system in place, as bodies lie in layers all along the sea-front. I’m thinking of walking along the water’s edge carrying a large placard with the words GO HOME! painted in 6 different languages. Or, maybe I could hire one of those small planes and trail the message behind as a banner? I wonder how rude you can be on those banners before you get rentrée’d to your home country?


2 responses to “Rentrée

  1. Aiden Lambert

    They are AT HOME johnny come lately foreigner lady with le bad attitude. So “Allez etranger!” or “go wan away witcha,ye shite ye” to use the vernacular Irish.

  2. Christine!This is Polly (from the cafe!) — I thought I’d come and check out your blog at last. and what a good read it is 😉 Hope Collioure is treating you all well and that the sun has held out for you. England is very rainy and very cold.
    Do keep in touch — facebook or email or text. Let me know how you are 🙂 xx

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