Nouvelle Star

Luce - Winner of Nouvelle Star

Luce - Winner of Nouvelle Star

A kooky young lady name of Luce (pronounced Loose) won the French version of Pop Idol/X Factor/whatever the other night, a fact that received almost as much media attention as did France’s performance last night in the world cup. And, while the whole of Ireland was shouting ‘karma!’ (or something not remotely similar) at their TV screens during the match, the whole of Catalonia was jumping up and down for our Luce who represented the area in yellow tights.  The fact that at least 3 of the final four had better voices than Luce didn’t  sway the voting public one bit .  How unusual.


2 responses to “Nouvelle Star

  1. Well sounds like you escaped the floods….. I was looking forward to your posting…..having driven through the worst rain then suffered the worst snow….. what happened?….. you’re obviously nowhere near the floods.
    Here in Oxford the doors are open even tho it’s raining and I can hear several different world cup ‘parties’ going on amongst the neighbours…… I believe England is playing….

  2. Christine Ryan

    For once my little piece of France escaped the torrents, although we’re promised rain tomorrow. I will be staying on the top floor of the house with a small boat, just in case. I believe the world cup is about football, non?

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