Car insurance – aargh!

I have never been able to understand car insurance and I am officially completely flummoxed by the latest twist. The situation is as follows:

I drove my car to France. I have now been here for two-and-a-bit months and have been informed that my ‘foreign use’ cover ends on 7th June. But I will be here until September. Simple, I think, I’ll just pay whatever top-up premium is required to cover the extra months. Not so simple. Not even possible. In fact, I will have to pay an extra €30 per week for the final 30 days to 7th June because my policy only allows for ‘foreign use’ for up to 60 days.

Peugeot 206 cc

No cover

Okay, what if I get it covered by a French insurance company? Not possible either – unless I get my car registered in France (which could take up to 3 months and many charges) and take out a full year’s insurance.

The fact that my insurance company also operates in France appears to be beside the point. There is no way that they can communicate and/or cooperate in order to keep a client happy.

So, I am now faced with the horrible prospect of having to drive my car back to Dublin before 7th June and leave it on a roadside somewhere while I return to France and grieve over my lost wheels. And, yes, I have investigated ‘long term car hire’ and can’t find a single rental company that offers an affordable rate.

I must be missing something (aside from company for the lonely brain cell). Any ideas?


2 responses to “Car insurance – aargh!

  1. Hi Christine,

    Gosh that sounds mad. I’ll do some checking with some English people that I know have brought their car over to see if they have any tips! There must be a better way! Have you tried any of the French forums (fora?)?

    This one sets out the legal situation re. registering a car in France, for example –

    Really enjoying your posts. Delighted to hear that you got fixed up with an apartment for June and July.

    Keep those posts coming, Christine. Still very envious!


  2. Sorry Christine,

    Me again – this link might be interesting. It suggests that a French company will cover you for up to three months, before being required to re-register
    Have you tried AXA in France? I have heard that they are very helpful!


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