Nomad people need apply

I’ve been spending hours online trying to find a home for July, August and September. It has to be: (a) affordable, (b) beautiful, (c) with internet, (d) in a small town or large village, and (e) preferably by/near the sea. Unfortunately, everything matching my description seems to have been booked by people who are better forward planners than I, which is why they probably also have deeper pockets.

As I may have mentioned already, my cottage has been booked by others of the forward-planning species as and from the beginning of June. So, on 29th May all of my tat must be re-packed, dragged up the street and squeezed into my car before continuing in a northerly direction towards the old town centre of Argeles sur Mer. At least, I think that’s where I’ll be spending the month of June. A meeting with the landlady of a characterful-looking apartment tomorrow will hopefully finalise that one.

As for the following 3 months, the problem is twofold. Firstly, why should anyone who can get €800 a week for their apartment/house during high season prefer to let it to someone who is offering (much) less than half that amount? And, believe me, I have tried to persuade them. In desperation I sent out a raft of cheeky emails last week suggesting that: (a) a long term tenant would  be less trouble than a rich one, (b) I could immortalise their home in, perhaps, a haiku (to be worth millions when I become famous), and (c) I would mind the french poodle so that they could spend the summer cruising the med.

The responses ranged from “I would love to have someone as funny as you living in my apartment, if you could afford the rent”, to “This is a joke, is it not?”.  Not really.

The second part of the problem is that anywhere within an asses roar of the sea has already been taken. I started off by typing ‘Collioure’ into the search box, then moved on to ‘Languedoc Roussillon’. Now, it’s ‘France’.

I can see a nomadic lifestyle on the horizon.


2 responses to “Nomad people need apply

  1. Bronacos

    Would you consider Spain?

  2. Christine, I cannot believe I didn’t know about this blog, it’s absolutely brilliant. I have giggled away reading it, imagined how beautiful the fisherman’s cottage is and wished with every fibre of my being that I was there too! Good for you! Look forward to the next posts xxxx

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