Catalan night

Back to Collioure, and it’s Catalan Night at Cafe Sola. I’ve made friends with a very interesting Canadian woman who will probably never speak to a stranger again because I proceeded to pour her coffee all over her laptop. I think it was my enthusiasm at being given the opportunity to string more than one sentence together (albeit in English) with a fellow human being that had me flinging my arms around frenetically.

The ensuing panic was tragic in its proportions and it was some time before we managed to get the laptop going again. The relief was so great that of course a stiff drink was the only way to calm the pulse and by the time Catalan Night started we were more than happy to join in the dancing. I seem to remember a great number of tracks from The Gypsy Kings, much clapping of hands and stamping of feet. We made lots of new friends (those on whose feet we didn’t actually stamp) and were actually welcomed back the following day, so we can’t have done too much damage. I’m sure the crutches were just for show.


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