Duck magnet

From the bizarre to the insane. I had my own little procession a few days later when I was followed up a street by 2 ducks intent on starting a conversation.

I was first alerted to the fact by the noisy wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, of their attempts to attract my attention. Had I been deaf, the pointing and smiling of passing tourists would have certainly had the same effect. When I turned round, the ducks stopped. When I moved on, they followed. In single file.

The fact that they only had one word in their vocabulary obviously made any attempt at conversation impossible. I was tempted to lead them into the nearest restaurant (joke!!), but instead I changed direction and led them back to the waterside. Whereupon they walked past me and without so much as a backward glance,  took off for the high seas. They haven’t written…. They haven’t phoned…… I’m working on removing the waddle from my walking style.


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