Mata Hari strikes

So, where was I? Oh yes, our trip to Eus. I can’t believe that was actually a week ago and I’m sorry that I’ve left it so long before getting back online. I think I’ve been unwinding so much that everything is jelly – not just the bits that look, and wobble, like jelly. Anyway, Lorna is now safely back in Dublin and you’ll be glad to know that before she left she finally accomplished her undercover task for the week – finding out when Café Sola is going to feed me.

We rounded off a day trip to Carcassonne with a nightcap in Les Templiers on Sunday. Carcassonne is impressive and well worth a visit but it’s difficult not to feel you’re on a film set. The shops even provide medieval apparel if you really want to go the whole hog and storm the battlements or vanquish a foe when you get home.

Back in Collioure, and it’s always so nice to be back, Les Templiers is reasonably busy. Our one nightcap becomes two before we decide to call it a day and I stupidly decide to leave Lorna behind for a couple of minutes while I visit the ladies. Needless to say, when I return there is a full glass of wine in front of her and a young man at each side. The fact that one of them turned out to be a barman from Café Sola saved her bacon that night. Mata Hari has nothing on Lorna when she’s on a mission (men in uniform not withstanding). Just as I puckered up my lips to hiss at her, she puckered up her own to whisper into Jean-Luc’s ear. He didn’t stand a chance. And now I know when Café Sola serves food. And I’m not telling anyone. At least we didn’t have to torture him.


One response to “Mata Hari strikes

  1. Hilary Roche

    Brilliant! Hoping to find a little excitement like that myself. Starting tomorrow the only way is up…….Everest!

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