Friend Lorna has arrived for the weekend to help me out in the French language department. I gave her the task of trying to find out when Cafe Sola, which has huge pictures of delicious looking dishes and a colourful menu displayed on its walls, actually serves any food. I have been going in there on a daily basis and asking for something to eat, only to be told on each occasion that they weren’t serving food. There is no indication anywhere of when they might actually be ready to feed me although there is a handwritten note beside a picture of one of the catalan dishes that says it will be served on 26th March, but only if you make a reservation. I am far too embarrassed by my bad French to attempt to find out why I should remain hungry.

Cafe Sola

Cafe Sola

I had Lorna primed, and we duly took our seats at the window, but 4 Kir Catalans later I was still none the wiser. Lorna had become deeply preoccupied with the group of soldiers at the next table and I was left to order the drinks. I really don’t get this men-in-uniforms thing, but she really does.

Today we took a trip to Eus, a beautiful old village that tumbles down a hill overlooking a wide valley surrounded by mountains. The pictures below tell the tale but one of the extraordinary features of this place is the size of the doors and windows in many of the little houses. They were clearly built for hobbits. The fact that the village was totally deserted led us to speculate that French hobbits only come out at night so as not to frighten the tourists. Lorna wanted to hang around long enough to check out whether any of them wear uniforms but I dragged her away with the promise of a Kir Catalan back in Collioure.


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