The arrival


View from the sea wall

Between Limoges and Toulouse, the temperature gradually crept up toward 15 degrees and the rich green grass began to give way to a more sun-bleached look. French fields are so well ordered and there is evidence of activity everywhere as growers tend to their produce. Princesses castles, just like the one in Disney Land except not pink and much older, catch the speeding eye. Did I mention that driving on the French roads is a dream? Wherever there is more than one lane, drivers actually only use the fast lane to pass out another vehicle! And they use their indicators!

I was so relieved to finally reach Collioure that I totally forgot about the 10 tons of tat that I had squeezed into the boot of the car. The cottage is in the town along a very narrow old pedestrian street on a fairly steep incline. Outside it is deliciously pink and inside it is perfect; cosy, bright  and very French. I get bon soir’ed twice as I walk back down the hill towards the car to make the first of 10 journeys up and down like a pack-horse. My old familiar, exhaustion, sets in before I am finished and I take to the bed postponing all exploration until the morning. It is so good to be finally here.


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