Day one

Rue de Soleil

A typical 'rue' in Collioure

It’s pouring rain! Absolutely bucketing down. A river runs through my narrow street down to the sea. The lovely peaceful cove is hardly containing the rough sea and high waves. So high are they that thrill-seeking surfers, never before seen in Collioure, have descended on the town and are currently dicing with death as they risk crashing into medieval forts and the like.

Having packed every imaginable type of material possession except a raincoat, I have only made one foray out into the elements all day. I managed a friendly almost-conversation with the grocer’s wife, who reassured me that the rain is ‘exceptionnel’ and that the sun will be shining tomorrow. At least, I hope that’s what she said.


One response to “Day one

  1. /hi great to see you are settling in,did Leo enjoy himself ? Here still very cold ,enjoy xxx

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